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Happy Museum Week! My all time favourite Museums in London

March 28, 2015


Since I was very little museums have mesmerised me. Walking through the grand doors, entering a world full of wonders, amazing things to see and learn about. Even the smell of museums today brings back memories of my childhood. 

We are extremely lucky in London to have a vast variety of museums, appealing to people of all ages and interests. The best thing is that admission to a lot of these museums is free, so those of all backgrounds can come in and see these amazing collections under one roof!

Here are a few of my all time favourite museums in London-

– The Natural History Museum-

This museum is a wonder to behold. It will tranport you back 65million years to when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. It has an amazing array of moving dinosaur robots which are extremely lifelike, and lots of interactive displays kids and adults will enjoy. If you have a chance watch David Attenborough’s “Natural History Museum Alive” documentary, in which the great naturalist explores the museum after dark and imagines the specimens coming alive! It is amazing! The coffee shop offers a lovely selection of sandwiches and snacks, set in a beautiful historic room, it’s worth a visit just to see the intricate ceiling.

Admission is free.

– The Science Museum –

This is a super fun museum! My father tells my kids how much he used to enjoy this museum as a child, and it still enthrals kids and adults alike today! If your kids are interested in space this is the place to visit. Some great exhibitions and artifacts that will wow your kids. My boys love the 3-Dimensional ‘Fly me to the Moon’ IMax movie. 

A lot of interactive things to do, and some great shows for kids to enjoy. My kids loved the bubble show and science experiments in the Launch Pad area.

Admission is free. IMax movies are not free, tickets can be bought at the museum.

– The London Transport Museum –

My older son is a London Underground super fan! He knows all the stops, lines and routes back to front, inside and out. 

The London Transport Museum is his all time favourite place to visit. Its based in a Grade II listed Flower Market building in Covent Garden, so a buzzing, lively area of the city. Its filled with real buses and trains dating back 200 years! Kids can climb on the buses and trains, pretend to be drivers and even manoeuvre a tube train through the tunnels of the underground with the help of a stimulator. 

The gift shop has lots of wonderful books and goodies for all ages.

Admission is free for those under the age of 17.  Adults pay £16.00 for a ticket which is valud for 12 months.

There are so many other amazing museums in London, but if I included every one on this list, it would be a very long post! So enjoy these and I will write about the others very soon!

Enjoy! xxx

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