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Read to relax & unwind…Saving Grace by Jane Green 📚

March 27, 2015


I love to cook, I enjoy my home, I adore my family, but my idea of heaven is being curled up on a comfy sofa with a good book and large steaming mug of coffee!

So what Im going to do on a monthly basis is tell you a little about my favourite book for that month. 

Obviously everyone enjoys reading different types of books, but I will try my best to vary the books I read so I can reach out to more of my readers. Personally I love any book that can take me away from daily life into a different era, character or lifestyle. I love to learn something new from the books I read, be it historical facts, things about places I’ve never been to around the world or just things which will make me a better person in general. 

I hope you enjoy my choice and review for this month!

‘Saving Grace’ by Jane Green

Jane Green has got to be one of my all time favourite authors. Her characters, settings and scenarios are so real, so touching, and unexpected, I cannot put the book down until I’ve reached the very end! I would describe her books as ‘real’ fiction, its definately not ‘chick lit’ in my opinion as the characters and scenarios covered are much deeper than that.

‘Saving Grace’ is her latest novel. Grace Chapman is the main character, a great cook and mother, a woman with a heart of gold. Her husband Ted is a world renowned author. They live in a beautiful home in New York State. Everything seems perfect, but appearances can be deceiving. I won’t give the story away but all I can say that it will be difficult to put down. Whats also great is that Jane Green has incorporated some lovely recipes into the book which I’m dying to try! 

Have a look at other books by one of my favourite authors, I’ve read them all and love them all!

Happy reading! xxx


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