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A kitchen tool everyone needs! β€οΈ

February 21, 2018

I have lots of tools in my kitchen. Some I use daily, others weekly, some very rarely. Ive always belived in saving time by using the right tool for the task. Why slave over a task for hours on end when there is a tool that can do it for you in minutes?

I adore cooking as you all know, but baking is my hidden pleasure. I have always loved baking since I was little. Cakes, biscuits, desserts are such a pleasure to put together.

There has been on kitchen gadget which I have always used when baking. It is amazing and I think every household should have one.

The Tala Cook’s Dry Measure

So what does it do?

The Cook’s dry measure is an invaluable kitchen tool. Simply pour ingredients up to the desired level for speed and accuracy without using weighing scales.

The measure is calibrated in both metric and imperial, making it easy to follow favourite old cookery books, and recipes passed down from a mother or grandmother.

The measure is also calibrated for fluid measurements and can be used to measure liquids for immediate use, but is not watertight. The cooks measure has been made by hand, in England, in which the production method remains the same since the 1920s.

If you haven’t got one get one asap! You will wonder how you lived without it.

No more messy scales, simply put in the dry ingredients up to the point stated and voila perfectly measured ingredients!

I think mine must be 10years old!

You can buy them pretty much anywhere. See below for more details –

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  1. Lesley permalink

    Thank you; will forward on to a friend who also enjoys a bit of baking! x

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