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Papiliones by Jonathan Bradley 📚 a book of poems 🦋

January 26, 2018

Ever since I lived and studied in Amherst, Massachusetts I have been interested in poetry.

My love of sonnets and poems actually goes way back to when I studied A-level English Literature. Then my time in Amherst, and visiting the home of Emily Dickinson reawakened my love yet again.

Poems are the most wonderful, romantic, selection of words and phrases. So beautifully put together.

So when I was asked to review a book of poems about butterflies I just had to find out more.

The Book –

Papiliones by Jonathan Bradley is a collection of poems inspired by butterflies, as well as the stories behind their often unusual and exotic names, and colour photographs.

In this charming collection, the poems evoke both the colourful lives of these lovely insects and the emotions that they arouse in us.

Each poem is unique, frequently inspired by the unusual scientific names given to them, which are often poetic in themselves. The poems lead the reader on a journey of discovery of these delicate creatures, each poem and each butterfly a new delight.

Profit from the sale of this edition of Papiliones will be donated to the Butterfly Conservation charity.

Verdict –

I have always loved butterflies. I love all wildlife, but the ones that visit my garden are extra special, they are my friends. Robins, ladybirds and butterflies.

This book is not only filled with beautiful poetry, it is very educational.

It is a breathe of fresh air. It isn’t a novel, it’s not a biography, but it is filled with wonderful facts about the most wonderous beautiful insects. The poetry is lovely and totally understandable.

I look forward to spotting the various species of butterflies that will visit my garden in the Springtime.

A lovely gift for anyone who likes poetry & nature.

Available on Anazon uk now.

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