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A Noble Intention ❀️ a movie review πŸŽ¬

June 26, 2017

Big blockbuster movies are really not enticing me to watch them these days. I don’t know whether they are overdoing the special effects, or overdoing the ‘big name actors,’ the storylines are just so boring and predictable at times.

So the other day whilst zapping on Netflix I decided to take a look through the International Movies section. A selection I randomly go for mainly because I just cannot be bothered to read the subtitles! But that night I was willing to do anything to watch something remotely interesting. And this movie was just mesmerising from start to finish.

The Movie –

Set in 1888 in Amsterdam, a stubborn violin maker and his pharmacist cousin face hardship and tragedy as they oppose the powerful businessmen who plan to force him from his house and erect a luxurious new hotel in its place.

Verdict –

The luxurious hotel in question here was The Victoria Hotel, the exact hotel where we stayed with my husband on our visit there last year! And the story told is a true one, of a shop keeper who refuses to let the powerful businessmen force him out of his business to build this hotel.

The hotel is instead built around the little shop, and exists there inbetween the hotel today. It is now a super cute little gift shop. You can see it in the photo above.

If you are due to visit Amsterdam you must watch this movie to get a feel for the city in the 1800’s and you must visit the gift shop on your visit.

A Noble Intention is now on Netflix! Dont miss it x


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