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My Berlin Kitchen by Luisa Weiss 🇧🇪 a book review 📚

May 15, 2017

I love reading books where recipes are incorporated into the story. It’s like getting ‘two for one’ – a story and a cookbook in one.

After my recent trip to Berlin I started to look for a book which told me more about the beautiful German capital and gave me a few German recipes to try out for myself.

The Book –

Luisa Weiss was working in New York when she decided to cook her way through her massive recipe collection. The Wednesday Chef, the cooking blog she launched to document her adventures, charmed readers around the world. But Luisa never stopped longing to return to her childhood home in Berlin. 

A food memoir with recipes, My Berlin Kitchen deliciously chronicles how she finally took the plunge and went across the ocean in search of happiness—only to find love waiting where she least expected it. 

Verdict –

Julie and Julia is one of my favourite movies, and My Berlin Kitchen touched me with the same emotional intensity. 

I felt very connected to the author in many ways. I too am from a mix of two cultures, and I feel that when you grow up knowing two cultures you always have two homes. I too am an avid cook and blogger.

After my recent trip to Berlin I enjoyed this book even more. Berlin was a city unlike any other I have seen so far, and this book was a lovely way to revisit all the terrific memories made there.

I cannot wait to try some of the wonderful recipes and read Luisa’s blog.

My Berlin Kitchen is available to purchase at major bookshops & on Amazon now. 


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