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Why I’ve switched to ‘espresso macchiatos’ ❤️☕️

April 12, 2017

I was looking through past blog posts recently and I came across one from last year in which I wrote about why I was now drinking ‘flat whites.’

 Well a year on I’ve switched again and I am now an avid ‘espresso macchiato’ fan!

What is an ‘espresso macchiato’?

Well it’s simply is an espresso coffee with a small amount of milk, usually foamed.

And the best things about this small drink are it’s delicious, you can taste the coffee and it also has the creaminess of a cappuccino.

What more could anyone as for? 

It’s also got a minimal amount of milk so much better for you. 

Try one at Cafe Nero or my personal favourite Starbucks! Ask for a ‘double espresso macchiato’! I like mine with a little sprikle of cinnamon.

It’s simply the best 👌🏻☕️


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  1. Yeahh coffee i like it.

  2. Welcome mam thanks…

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