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Elegance by Kathleen Tessaro πŸ’™ a book review πŸ“š

April 10, 2017

There are a few books I have read that I can never seem to forget. They are always the books whose storyline stikes a cord in me somehow. Either I relate to the story or a character in the book, and then it’s there in my mind forever and ever.

Im on holiday at the moment with my fanily in sunny Antalya and Im reading a lovely book by a favourite author Kathleen Tessaro. Ive yet to finish this book but reading it brought back memories of Elegance, the first book of Kathleen’s I read, and loved.

The Book –

From the back cover

It was a slim grey volume entitled Elegance…

I reach up and carefully remove the book from its shelf.

As I leaf through it, the faint fragrance of jasmine perfume floats from its yellowed pages. It appears to be a kind of encyclopaedia, with entries for every know fashion dilemma starting with A and going through to Z.
At last I have found my holy grail.

An American girl in London called Louise uses Madame Dalraux’s little book of Elegance as a guide to finding fulfillment after a failed marriage. 

Verdict –

Madame Dalraux’s little book of Elegance is one of my all time favourites! A little bible I always keep with me. I have blogged this book before. So when I came across this lovely book by Kathleen Tessaro which has little snippets of Madame Dalraux’s book in each chapter I couldn’t resist.

A lovely book which I devoured in one sitting and one I would definately read again! 

Im reading The Perfume Collector next…

Elegance by Kathleen Tessaro is available on Amazon now.


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