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Healthy snacks for kids delivered straight to your door! πŸ˜‹

March 30, 2017

I used to have a fitness instructor when I lived in central London who gave me two fantastic pieces of advice which I follow to this day.

  1. If you are going to eat cereal stick to flakes of bran.
  2. If you are going to snack make sure its on raw nuts – especially raw cashews.

I have always followed these two pieces of dietary advice.

I think snacking will always be a part of my life, I just adore nibbling on something whilst walking down the street or whilst cooking. So if you are going to snack make sure they are healthy nibbles which will do your body some good rather than harm.

My kids also like to snack, and I think a lot of kids enjoy a snack around 4pm when they come home from school. I try my best to keep their snacks as healthy as possible, and I have always believed that if their taste buds keep away from super sweet foods filled with refined sugar and additives, they will eventually dislike them. So I love healthy snacks for kids.

The Product –

ChewyMoon is a revolutionary, healthy, subscription snack box for children from the age of 3. We help you to easily provide hugely healthy, alternative snacks and guilt-free after school treats for growing children.

Four friends, Verena, Laurence, Nick and Lijo started Chewymoon with the ambitious aim of changing the way children eat. Being parents themselves, they care deeply about the nutrition and well-being of children. ChewyMoon is your child’s first brand that makes learning about nutrition as much fun as eating the snack!

They have developed a simple system to determine everything they need to know about your child’s needs, life stage, likes and dislikes so that they can provide a unique snack box that will constantly develop as your child grows and changes.

What is great is that there is no commitment whatsoever, and subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Verdict –

I was sent a box of Chewy Moon treats in the post which arrived very quickly. The box was just adorable. My boys absolutely love pugs, thanks to Dan TDM,  and so with a pug dressed in a windbreaker on the front of the box I knew my boys would be excited to find out what was inside.

The box of snacks was addressed to my boys, and after coming home from school, they really enjoyed opening up the box of goodies.

The Snacks my boys tried –

  • Crazy Crunch – Freeze dried smoothie bites
  • Snacko Italiano – Italian herby cashews, baked cheese
  • Cherry Cola – Cola raisins, cherry, cranberry
  • Monster Munch – Chilli cashews, edamame beans, baked cheese
  • Beary Friends – Strawberry fruit shapes, cranberries, blueberries, raspberry strips

Each packet of snack is in it’s own individual box, which my boys loved to open and share.

They love nuts so enjoyed the Italian herby cashews and loved the edamame beans the best.

A great idea to treat your kids to once a week as a super end of week treat. The box is also filled with fun activities and fun filled facts for your little ones to enjoy.

Healthy, fun and straight to your door! A super duper idea.

The first box is free!

Find out more at their website below –


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