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Let’s try & keep the family run stores in our areas alive ❤️

March 15, 2017

For those of you who don’t know, I live in the suburbs of London with my family. My boys attend the local primary school which is a 5minute walk from our home. I grew up in the town just down the road from where I raise my own children today. But what is great about where we live is that although we have a quiet country life, the city is just a 35minute train ride away.

We have a wonderful feeling of community where I live. Yes people still say good morning, and people look out for each other. We also have a lovely high street filled with some very good restaurants, supermarkets and shops we need on a daily basis.

The town I live in is filled with history too. There are listed historic houses, buildings and even a moat!

The family run stores on the high street are a part of this history. 

There is a department store which is unlike any department store you have ever been in before. It’s like taking a step back in time. They sell buttons, multi-coloured ribbons and have the most wonderful toy selection. Walking through it’s doors is like taking a walk down memory lane, the retro coffee shop on the second floor serves the most delicious coffee. And they have the best selection of capri pants! Better fitting than any I’ve tried on my trips to the Kings Road in fact.

But unfortunately these family run stores are becoming a dying breed. Recently another family run store on our high street had to close it’s doors after 59years of selling sofas, beds and furnishings. So sad to see.

I know it is easier said than done, and I myself have done it many times. We all tend to go for the store which offers the cheapest product and the large chain stores have the means to offer the most competitive prices.

But maybe if we considered quality, and also knew more about what our local family run stores offered we would be more likely to shop there.

So please, do it today. Look out for the stores whose names you don’t recognise. Pop in and take a look at what they have on sale, family run stores are a dying breed which I hope we can keep around a little longer.




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