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British Airways serving M&S food ✈️

February 15, 2017

My boys and I have checked in and are ready to fly. We are on the first flight out of London Heathrow, flying to Istanbul, then connecting in Istanbul to our domestic flight to sunny Antalya to see my lovely parents. 

My boys haven’t always been a fan of in flight meals. Well I tell a lie, my older son is more adventurous and happy to try what is served but my younger son prefers to buy a sandwich before boarding and enjoy that on board.
I’ve always accepted the meal served but I seem to eat it because its there, rather than eating it because I really like it.

Well all that has changed now on board British Airways flights. There are no complimentary drinks or meals served, instead you get to choose from a specially designed Marks & Spencers menu and pay on board for what you choose.

The selection is very good. Cheese sandwiches, a roast beef sandwich, fruit salad, yoghurt with granola, those little snack packs of cashew nuts or wasabi peas (which I love) and even a healthy grains & chicken salad! The drinks on sale  range from soft drinks, teas & coffees to all the alcoholic beverages you could think of.

Payment can be made by Credit or Debit card, or with your Avios points if you have an Executive Club card with BA. No cash is allowed.


So my boys and I got on board, our flight time was 4 hours , so not really long, not really short. The trolley of M&S goodies was brought through.

At this point it was around 8am for us. We’d already had a breakfast of croissants & coffees at the airport so were quite full. If complimentary meals were being served Im sure we would have accepted and eaten some of it. But I think this way we are not eating unnecessarily, and we aren’t wasting food. 

We ordered 2 fruit salads for the boys, 1 fruit & nut flap jack, a water & I had a nice cup of peppermint tea which all came to a reasonable sum of £9. More or less the same as you would pay at M&S.

I paid with my BA Executive Club card as we collect avios, so was all easily sorted out.

All in all a fantastic idea. The cabin didn’t smell of airplane food, we didn’t eat & waste unnecessarily and the boys were more than happy.

I think as long as BA keeps its short haul trips at a reasonable price this M&S menu idea is good. My boys would love a ‘kids snack box’ with a small cheese sandwich, carton drink & fruit. 

Find out more on BAs website below –


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