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The perfect marshmallowy treat πŸ˜‹

February 6, 2017

With the weather being chilly I seem to crave sweet things even more, especially when Im having coffee mid morning. I don’t have a super sweet tooth but when I do I like to choose snacks which are either home made or those that are filled with natural products.

The Product –

Mallow & Marsh was launched off Β£250 and no sleep and has kept up that approach ever since. The geniuses at Mallow & Marsh have spent hours perfecting and experimenting with their recipes in order to create these awesome culinary delights. A melt in your mouth, light as a feather, delicious experience.

They don’t make normal marshmallows. They make creamy bundles of gooey deliciousness. On a scale of jelly to nougat they sit as close to nougat as is marshmallowy possible. Using the highest quality ingredients from 100% natural raspberry to organic and fairtrade vanilla extract and they have made sure there are no additives or preservatives. They melt in your mouth and people are encouraged to experiment when they eat them.

Mallow&Marsh bars are –

  • 100% natural
  • Wheat, gluten & egg free
  • Under 150 calories
  • Low in fat
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Packed full of flavour

Verdict –

I think I’m in Marshmallowy heaven! When I was little I used to eat these marshmallow balls covered in a thin layer of chocolate, I have been on the lookout for something similar, and I have found it!

The Mallow & Marsh bars are just scrumptious! I had the Raspberry Marshmallow Bar, which is coated in 70% dark chocolate with my cappuccino and it was so yummy. Light and fluffy with a naturally sweet taste of raspberry.

My boys loved the Vanilla Marshmallow bar which I cut up into little pieces and they dropped into a steaming cup of hot chocolate for the most deliciously vanilla treat.

You can buy Mallow & Marsh bars in most supermarkets Nationwide & I have also seen them in my local Starbucks!

Find out more below –



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  1. Lesley permalink

    Sound delish! Will def have to give them a try!

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