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Keep Scooters off the floor & out of the way! ❤️🛴

January 27, 2017

These days pretty much everyone with a child seems to have a scooter.

I’ve always had a bit of a love hate relationship with scooters, they can be very dangerous but then again the kids love them, and with the right precautions – helmets for safety and not going too fast, they are super fun and seem to be an essential part of a family’s day out these days.
My boys both have a scooter each and my younger son rides his to school everyday.

For me the most annoying thing has got to be is when after a day of cleaning the house, my kids arrive and put the muddy wheels of their scooters all over my shiny clean parke floors. It’s just heartbreaking.

So when I heard about a new product on the market which enables you to put the scooters “on the wall, off the floor, out of the way” I could not wait to give in a try for all you lovelies!

The Product –

Scooterpeg is designed specifically to clear some of that clutter, enabling you to keep your kids’ scooters tidied away and free up some of that precious floor space. It even means you can use the scooter deck as a handy shelf for their shoes when their scooter is hung up.

The new solution by Scooterpeg is designed to help clear the clutter by keeping kids scooters on the wall, off the floor and out of the way, and restore a little bit of your sanity, not to mention reducing the incidence of stubbed toes and sprained wrists.

When a scooter is hung on Scooterpeg, the scooter deck then becomes a shelf to put shoes and wellies on, and the handle a hook for their helmet meaning everything is in once place and makes getting back out the door for the school run, trip to the shops or just a scoot around the block that little bit quicker and easier.

It comes in four signature bright colours;

  • Brighton Blue
  • Bubblegum Pink
  • Sunshine Yellow
  • Fake Grass Green

With some more grown up colours too –  limestone, regency blue and cornish slate – for the more interior design conscious who want to keep their hallways more grown-up looking.

Scooterpeg is proudly Made in the UK from high quality prolypropelyne which is suitable for use both indoors and out. It is currently patent pending.

Verdict –

All I can say is ‘Thank you’ to the genius’s at Scooterpeg! What a simple yet super affective idea. Especially for those of us living in the UK where homes are not huge and space is always an issue.

I am not super handy when it comes to putting things up around the home but this was so easy to put up! Simply drill in the two solid screws to keep it securely in place, to give you a clearer home and hallway, and give your kids somewhere to put their stuff.  

There are also some super cute extras – a discreet little wallguard to protect your wall from muddy wheels, and a cute fitted name label so no arguing about which peg is whose.

My boys are going to love hanging their scooter up!

Super cool! Buy yours & find out more here –




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