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Lion ❤️🎬 a movie review

January 26, 2017

One of the greatest nightmares of any mother on earth has got to be the fear of losing a child.

Whenever I enter a crowded place I seem to instinctively hold my kids hands tighter. I cannot even imagine the devastation of losing one of my children.

So when I read an article in The Times recently about the latest movie adaptation of a true story, the story of Saroo, a 5 year old boy lost in India, I had to find out more.

The Movie –

This movie tells the true story of 5 year old Saroo, who gets lost. He gets on a train which takes him thousands of miles away across India. When asked the name of his mother, he replies simply,”mum.” Saroo must learn to live alone in Calcutta , before being ultimately adopted by an Australian couple in Tasmania.

Twenty-five years later armed with only a handful of memories, his unwavering determination and a revolutionary technology called ‘Google Earth’  he sets out to find his family and home. Eventually finding his birth mother and family.

Verdict –

My younger son is more or less the same age Saroo was when he got lost. So watching this movie touched me in an unbelievable way.

My friend and I cried pretty much through the whole movie; tears of sadness, shock and joy. This movie will take your emotions for a rollercoaster ride unlike any other.

The biggest factor I think is that it actually happened, Saroo is real and at the end of the movie we see the real Saroo and the emotions swell up even more.

A fantastic movie, with perfectly cast actors. Nicole Kidman plays her role as Saroo’s adoptive mother with perfection. She has always been an amazing actress and the feeling in this very emotional role fits her perfectly. 

Dev Patel, who was born and lived very close to where I live today, is an amazing actor, and plays Saroo very well. He is very different from the Dev Patel of Slumdog Millionaire; older, more manly, a definate change.

A movie not to be missed, and I think it needs to be watched on the big screen to be experienced fully. I am hoping Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman get the Oscars they definitely deserve.

I just read that Dev Patel is taking his mum to the Oscars and Saroo is buying his birth mum a house. How lovely is that! If Dev does win the Oscar, he will be the first actor of entirely Indian heritage to win!

I have ordered the book behind the movie “A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierly” which I cannot wait to read.

Lion is now showing at cinemas Nationwide. Don’t miss it! 






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