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My favourite cookbooks! ❤️📚

January 9, 2017

I absolutely adore cookbooks! 

If I go into a bookshop, no matter what coutry or city I’m in, I will head straight for the cookery section. You see to get a feel for a recipe you don’t actually need to understand the words. Pictures are more than enough.

So to start the year off on a positive note I wanted to share my passion with all you lovelies. Over the past years I have got together a nice collection of cookbooks. I don’t necessarily sit and read through every recipe in every book, but instead I delve into each for ideas, for inspiration.

So here they are, my favourite & most used cookbooks to date –

Jamie Oliver – The Return of the Naked Chef 

I do enjoy watching Jamie Oliver cook! He makes it fun & I love the recipes. Lately he has been bringing out far too many cookbooks its difficult to keep up. But this is my most used out of all his books. The celebration cake is to die for!

Nigel Slater – Appetite   

What can I say about Nigel Slater, I just adore him. The way he cooks is so calming so natural, you just feel like he is cooking especially for you. A lovely book to cherish forever.

Sophie Dahl – Miss Dahl’s Voluptious Delights 

I’ve always adored Sophie Dahl, so pretty, so feminine & related to one of my favourite authors. The recipes are different, cute & manageable. 

Leon – Ingredients & Recipes

Leon is in my opinion the healthiest fast food restaurant out there. The food is delicious and so good for you. Perfect book to create those great dishes at home.

The French Kitchen

My French cooking bible. Love love love! The Onion soup recipe is fabulous.

The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook 

I have tried nearly every cake recipe in this book and they all work. I’ve bought this book for so many friends. Fantastic! 



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