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A kitchen essential 💙 a good Digital Kitchen Scale

November 9, 2016

I am an old fashioned person at heart. I love old school techniques, I love classical books, furniture and decor. But there are times when modern instruments make life so much easier and ensure the best results.

My mother is a superb cook as was her mother. I don’t ever remember my mother or my grandmother weighing out ingredients when cooking. It was always a pinch of this, a handful of this, a cup of that. But I have begun to find that when recipes are followed carefully, the exact said ingredients used and the precise measurements added you get a superb result.

So I have been looking into Digital Scales. I did have an old fashioned set of kitchen scales which broke, so I thought I would upgrade and go digital.

The Product –

Ozeri is a speciality manufacturer of digital lifestyle products for the modern home. The Ozeri Corporation began as a boutique supplier of novel digital houseware products for the destination resort and hospitality markets, and is today a leading manufacturer of ultra-modern, lifestyle products and healthy living items for the home.

Ozeri products fit into two categories. Its “housewares for modernity” products include items such as double-walled glassware, digital kitchen scales, electric wine openers, and fans with noise-reduction technology. Its “healthy living” products range from eco-friendly ceramic cookware to versatile step counters and advanced bath scales with weight management tracking.

Recently, Ozeri has partnered with Microban® International to create the first kitchen and scales to offer Microban’s antimicrobial protection as an ideal enhancement to Ozeri’s product line. Digital scales are only one of many high quality products offered by Ozeri Corporation.

I looked at two of the Digital Scales on offer by Ozeri –

Pro II Digital Scale in Glass

  • Newly designed with a capacity range from 0.05 oz to 12 lbs (1 gram to 5.4 kg), the Pro II features a built-in countdown kitchen timer with 3 alarm modes (audible beep, blinking LED, or combined).
  • Precision tare feature subtracts the weight of the container for the net weight of the ingredients; easy unit button instantly converts between oz, g, lbs, and kg.
  • Features a large removable glass weighing platform that cleans easily, and a large bright LCD with an improved viewing angle for the fast-paced cook.
  • Oversized buttons generate audible click confirmation; 3-minute automatic turn-off preserves battery life.
  • Sized for easy storage and portability; ships with 2 AAA batteries included, calorie and postage guide, and user manual.

Zenith Digital Scale in Ultra Refines Stainless Steel

  • World’s thinnest scale made of the highest grade SUS304 Stainless Steel, with fingerprint resistant coating
  • Equipped with 4 new high-precision sensors that accurately weigh from 0.05 oz to 12 lbs: 10.80 oz (5750 g) in graduations of 0.05 oz or 1 gram
  • Features an easy-touch Unit of measurement button, and an easy-touch Tare button to instantly calculate the net weight of your ingredients
  • Award-winning design includes a large high-contrast blue backlit LCD screen that displays weights in lb, oz, g, fl.oz., and ml
  • Includes 2 Lithium batteries and an easy-access battery compartment (no screwdriver needed), Cleans and stores easily, Satisfaction Guaranteed

Verdict –

Both Digital scales are very sleek, small, light and easy to store away. Something very important when space is of the essence.

For both scales everything is fairly clear to understand. A unit change from ounces to grammes, pounds or kilogrammes is a simple push of a button, and resetting to zero is another button.

Measuring liquids couldn’t be easier as there is a function which takes away the weight of the container and gives you net weight of the liquid being weighed.

Out of the two scales I did prefer the Pro II only because of the removeable glass plate on top. I am a neat freak and enjoy being able to clean everything thoroughly so this was a definite advantage.

All in all I think every kitchen needs a small digital scale. Not only will you be cooking more accurately, you will get perfect results every time.

Efficient, effective and reasonably priced products.

You can purchase both these kitchen scales and more products by Ozeri on Amazon UK now.



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