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The Return of The Little Prince 🌟 by A.G Roemmers 📚 a book review 

November 7, 2016

There are books you read when you are younger which can stay with you for a lifetime.

I remember being gifted The Little Prince in my teens. I have always enjoyed reading and being given this magical story was amazing. I still have that exact copy, it sits on the bookshelf in my boys room, waiting to be read. And I’m sure it will be when they hit the right age. Afterall I don’t believe The Little Prince was ever a book for little children, it is filled with meaning to be enjoyed by all ages.

So when I heard a book had come out emtitled ‘The Return of the Young Prince’ I had to read it.

The Book –

Here is the description of the book from Goodreads- 

With specially commissioned illustrations by Pietari Posti and a foreword by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s nephew, The Return of the Young Prince will be cherished by children and adults alike across the globe. 

Even princes from faraway planets do not always remain small. Eventually they grow up and – no longer content with their tiny planet – set off once again to explore the universe anew. So the Little Prince, now a teenager, one day returns to Earth and finds himself on a lonely country road in the vast, desolate plains of Patagonia. 

There he meets the narrator of this novel, who rescues him and takes him on a journey. Slowly the Prince shares the stories of his adventures, and together they begin to explore some of the life’s most important questions, taking readers along with them on a wonderful spiritual journey. An inspiring, life-changing book.


I have always found that sequels to anything, movies or books, cannot beat the original in any way. It’s just how it is. You read the first book, you watch the first movie, and you are wowed in amazement of how magical it is. But then the sequel comes along. It’s good, but not as amazing.

I feel the same about this book. I read it and totally enjoyed it. It’s not too long and has some beautiful illustrations, but it will never be the original. And it’s not trying to be that anyway. 

I recommend you approach it as a new book. It is about a teenage Prince on his great adventure. An adventure into his world. And it is a lovely tribute to the late great Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

You can purchase The Return of the Young Prince on Amazon uk now.


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