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Dessert flavoured herbal teas 🍰 truly scrumptious!

October 19, 2016

The weather is definitely cooling down out there, so it’s back to warming soups and teas. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, snuggling up in warm knitted jumpers, under cosy blankets with a cup of my favourite tea.

I do love coffee but herbal teas are a perfect way to increase the amount of water your body consumes. Herbal teas don’t need to be boring or tasteless, the variety on the market these days means that teas are full of so many different tastes and flavours.

The Product –

Ahmad Tea is a very well known brand in the world of teas. They are experts in their field and their teas are very popular in my household with the grown ups and my little ones. My boys love herbal teas with a little honey added in.

Ahmad Tea is a UK-based family business, drawing on four generations of tea blending and tasting experience. Founded on a passion for the finest tea, they are dedicated to the unique place that tea drinking commands at the heart of daily life in Britain and beyond.

The latest offering from Ahmad Tea are teas inspired by desserts! When I first heard about this range I thought it was such a fabulous idea. We all love desserts so what a great idea for a flavoursome tea.

Sugar free, calorie free, and with very low levels of caffeine, the 6 dessert inspired recipes have been beautifully crafted by master tea tasters working closely with top home chefs. Their combined expertise of tea and desserts has created exquisitely delectable blends, balancing the flavour of our signature high quality teas along with moreish dessert recipes, enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.

What more could anyone with a sweet tooth ask for? Here are the available flavours –

  • Mango & Lychee Souffle
  • Strawberry & Basil Coulis
  • Citrus Mint Sorbet
  • Strawberry Velvet Cake
  • Pear & Cinnamon Strudel
  • Moroccan Orange Slice

Verdict –

I have a terribly sweet tooth, and as an after dinner treat these teas completely and utterly hit the spot. I added a tiny teaspoon of honey to my cup of Moroccan Orange Spice and the taste was just fantastic. Warming, sweet and just so scrumptious.

The perfect end to any dinner party, your guests will love choosing their favourite dessert to try. I’m looking forward to trying the Strawberry Velvet cake next.

Find out more about these yummy teas available online now –






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