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Waste not want not 💚 tips on using every part of avocados, mangoes & cucumbers

October 4, 2016

I have always been a firm believer in not wasting food. Since I was little I’ve always been taught to finish everything on my plate, and I teach my kids that same thing. 

The same goes in the kitchen. There are so many things you can do with the left overs after peeling your fruits and veggies. 

One great way to use the peel of cucumbers, avocados and even mangoes is as a super natural facial brightener. 

My mother has fabulous skin and ever since I can remember after peeling a cucumber or avocado she will keep the skins and rub them all over her face. The kids might wonder what you are up to, with bits of green creamy avocado or cucumber over your face but it is so so good for you. Not only will it give your pores an all over glow, the smell will refresh and revive your senses. 

I read in a magazine article just recently that the pit of an avocado is actually where most of the nutrition lies. Also that it is edible and quite delicious. So I just had to try this for myself. My whole family loves avocados, on toast, in salads or just as it is with a good squeeze of lemon juice. I use the peels on my face as a natural face mask. So the pit is all that’s left over.

The avocado pit has apparently got more soluble fibre than any other fibre provider out there. It also has 70% of the actual avocados antioxidants, and it the oils within the pit actually increase the collagen in our skin to keep us young and wrinkle free!

The best way to eat the seed is to cut it up with a sharp knife, it is easier to cut up than you would expect. Place it in a food processor until it forms a powder like consistency. Then place it in a jar in the fridge. When making smoothies just add a large spoonful to the smoothie. It can taste a little bitter on its own so make sure to add lots of yummy exotic fruits to mask the bitterness, and just let your body enjoy all the nutrients. I even added a teaspoonful into my overnight oats mixture and it was just perfect! 

Don’t waste anything, there is always a way to use it! x

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