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The Royal Rabbits of London 🐰 a book review πŸ“š

October 3, 2016

There are some childrens books that when I see them, or receive them from publishers to review for all you lovelies, I think, ‘I just cannot give that gorgeous book to the kids just yet, let me keep it hidden until they are a little older, and can appreciate it.’

This is one of those books.

In a beautifully illustrated hard back with a pretty royal blue sleeve, this book will definitely take pride of place on my bookshelf until the kids are a little bit older. 

Of course we read the story together, but after it was read and enjoyed it went back on my bookcase.

The Book –

Life is an adventure. Anything in the world is possible – by will and by luck, with a moist carrot, a wet nose and a slice of mad courage! 

Shylo has always been the runt of the litter, the weakest and quietest of all of his family, his siblings spend their days making fun of him for not being like the rest of them. But when Shylo stumbles across a band of ratzis and overhears their evil plan to take a photo of the Queen in her nightie, it’s up to this unlikely hero to travel to London and inform the Royal Rabbits of London about the diabolical plot! 

The Royal Rabbits of London have a proud history of protecting the royal family and now the secret society need to leap into action to stop the ratzis… But can a rabbit as feeble and shy as Shylo convince them that Queen is in danger?

The Hobbit meets Fantastic Mr Fox meets Watership Down in this charming novel from bestselling authors Santa and Sebag Montefiore, which proves even the smallest rabbit can be the biggest hero.

Written jointly by Santa Montefiore – author of seventeen adult novels, her novels have sold over one million copies in the UK. And her historian husband Simon Sebag Montefiore – with many famous books under his belt, his latest book The Romanovs went straight to the top ten. Illustrated by Kate Hindley – known for illustrating Claire Freedman’s The Great Snortle Hunt.

Verdict –

This book is exactly as a expected. One to read with the kids at bedtime, cherish and enjoy, put away on a beautiful bookshelf to be admired by friends and family alike, then after a while take out, read and cherish all over again.

My older 8 year old son especially loved the adventures of the rabbits. 

The words bring to life the adventure, a story so masterfully told by two wonderfully descriptive writers, experts in their fields. Authors at their very best. Their first ever collaboration and first novel for children. I’m hoping this is the first of many to come…

I understand that the film rights to The Royal Rabbits of London have already been optioned! Now that will be a movie not to be missed!

The Royal Rabbits of London is due to be available for purchase on 6th October 2016. It is available for preorder on Amazon UK now.

Published by Simon & Schuster


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