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Timmy Failure – Sanitized for your Protection šŸ’š a book review šŸ“š

September 10, 2016

We are back to the school routine, kids are back at school and although I am missing them it is nice to have my freedom back. More time to blog and stay in touch with all you lovelies.

My boys do love reading but over the summer there were so many wonderful distractions – swimmimg, sports & family visits – reading sadly became second priority.

So it was wonderful to be greeted by some lovely books to review on our return. My boys were super excited to see the latest Timmy Failure book ‘Sanitized for your Protection’.

The Book –

The fourth book in the New York Times bestselling series sees Timmy Failure take to the road ā€“ with the usual disastrous consequences!

Everyone’s favourite kid detective is back in award-winning author Stephan Pastis’s fourth book in the Timmy Failure series, perfect for fans of Wimpy Kid and Barry Loser. 

Shenanigans abound as Timmy Failure finds himself on a road trip with none other than notorious criminal Molly Moskins. Travelling halfway across the country to help your mother’s boyfriend settle into his new job would be inconvenient for any detective, let alone the founder, president and CEO of Total Failure Inc, the world’s greatest detective agency. 

Timmy has a case to solve, and nothing can stand in his way. If he is to arrest Corrina Corrina and solve the YIP YAP case, Timmy, his sidekick polar bear Total, and Molly Moskins must go on the run!

Verdict –

Another super fun adventure your kids will enjoy!

My boys are 5 & 8, and even though this story is stated to be more suited to over 8’s my 5 year old enjoyed it just as much.

This latest Timmy Failure story did not disappoint. My boys loved the others in the series and this one was just as fun. The chapters are not too long and the story extremely funny so the kids did not lose concentration. 

The illustrations are just so cute and your kids will love them! 

Another great book from Stephan Pastis! Looking forward to many more…

Timmy Failure Sanitized for your Protection is available to purchase online at Amazon & all major bookshops now!

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