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Revenge of the Goldfish πŸ“ša book review πŸŸπŸŸπŸŸ

August 1, 2016

My boys love books that rhyme. Poems which are funny and songs with words that rhyme are definitely their favourites. They are also the ones which the kids remember the quickest.

I read recently on another blog that studies have shown that if a child is able to memorize at least eight nursery rhymes or short poems by their fourth year, they will become the best readers in their class by the time they are eight years old. So this proves that nursery rhymes help your child read better and learn to love reading! Such a fun way to learn and love reading.

The Book –

Revenge of the Goldfish A selection of upbeat, fun poems to read to 4 – 7’s. Using rhythm and rhyme, the book embraces modern life, with mobile phones and computers. It also offers a scattering of dinosaurs, giraffes and robots – oh and an angry viper – just to spice things up.

These are poems that can be read to your children at home, whilst snuggled upon the settee or utilized as a circle time resource within nursery/pre-school, plus included within the primary school classroom as part of an organised poetry session – to encourage and build upon the child’s enthusiasm for rhythm and rhyme. With lively illustrations to engage and inspire.

Verdict –

My boys really enjoyed this book full of lovely illustrations and poems. Both my 5 year old and 8 year old laughed out loud at the humour and had memorised a few of them after a few days. They enjoy reciting them to their grandparents.

A fantastic book to keep the kids busy over the holidays! Fun and educational at the same time ❀️

You can buy this and others in the series on Amazon uk now.



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