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Cappuccinos & Lattes only before noon! ☕️

July 23, 2016

So you all know how much I love coffee! Some days I can drink up to 3-4 cappuccinos! A bit excessive I know but coffee is soon yummy!

Anyway the other day I was reading up about Italy and Rome, as I’m planning a visit soon. I read that in Rome it is frowned upon if you order a cappuccino or latte, or any other milk based coffee drink, after noon. So the rule is you drink milky coffees for breakfast, or up until noon, and then enjoy coffee black throughout the rest of the day.

This was very interesting and I just had to find out the logic behind it.

 So after investigating I found out the reason was because drinking milk or milky drinks throughout the day can cause indigestion. As milk is such a filling drink as it is, by eating meals and then ending meals with lattes and cappucinnos which are predominantly milk you are stopping the food you ate from being properly digested.

Very logical indeed.

So this is my new rule, I enjoy 1-2 frothy, milky cappuccinos with my breakfast, but from then onwards for the rest of the day I stick to espressos, black Americanos and herbal teas.

So the result I hear you ask? Well I’ve been doing this for a week now and I do feel much less bloated. I really think there is a lot of truth behind the Italian rule.

I am really enjoying espressos, milk seems to take the taste of coffee away. Ending a meal with a lovely strong espresso is just perfect.

Give it a try!  xxx



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