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Cool down with Cold Brew Iced Tea ready in 5minutes! ❤️

July 20, 2016

This Summer Iced tea is my perfect choice to cool down.

What is not to love about tea? It healthy, refreshing, perfect to satisfy thirst and completely calorie free.

Iced teas bought ready made in shops can be filled with so many sweeteners, flavourings and unknown ingredients, so I prefer to make iced teas at home for the whole family to enjoy.

Ahmad Tea is a brand of teas I love and have reviewed before. Ahmad Tea is the leading British and Internationally recognised tea company, and they have just brought out a new range of Cold Brew iced teas!

The Product – 

Perfect for Summer, this refreshing tea drink is ideal for serving at picnics or as a mid-afternoon drink with friends. As we all know it’s difficult to get the balance right between our love for a hot drink and needing a rehydrating drink during the Summer months.

Cold brew allows tea drinkers to make freshly brewed iced tea, with cold water, in under 5minutes! With all the taste of a proper brew, each drink has no added sugar or sweeteners and the handy sachets also make them a great on-the-go way of livening up a drink of water.

Available in 3 delicious flavours –

  •  Traditional English Tea
  • Zesty Lemon & Lime
  • Peach & Passionfruit


Verdict – 

I decided to try the Traditional English Tea first and jazzed it up with my own natural ingredients.

I added slices of peach and apple, and I didn’t need to add anything sweet. It was so refreshing and brewed in just a few minutes to leave behind a deep red coloured tea. Magic!

Ahmad Cold Brew English Tea is specially sourced from the finest black teas, the unsweetened English Tea blend delivers a refreshing, full flavoured iced tea you can enjoy anytime and anywhere.

The other two flavoured teas were fantastic too. My favourite is definitely the Peach & Passionfruit – so peachy and yummy! I normally have to add a teaspoon of honey to my herbal teas but with this blend I didn’t need to. It was so delicately flavoured and just perfect for a cold brew on the go!

I’m taking these on holiday with me to enjoy on the airplane and hotel. Think how simple it will be, just a glass of cold water and ice, and simply enjoy!

Order your Cold Brew selection from Ahmad Teas now! 





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  1. Yummy!! Sounds delicious!! ❤️❤️ I’ll try it with the Peach!! Thank you for posting this. ❤️😘😉

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