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Monkey Music : Let’s Sing & Play at home – a book review πŸ΅πŸŽΌ

July 11, 2016

My little ones are not so little anymore, but receiving this wonderful hardback book and CD brought back some great memories of when my boys were at ‘Monkey Music’ classes.

I completely believe that the Monkey Music classes I took my boys to are one of the main reasons why both of them love music and dancing so much now they are older. My older son who is now eight years old is playing the piano and my younger is taking lessons. But both have an immense love and ear for music.

Founded in 1993 by Angie Coates, Monkey Music classes have always been an extremely popular way to interact with your pre-schooler in the UK. Monkey Music classes became a franchise in 1998 and is now Nationwide in the UK with over 12,000 families attending classes every week.

The Book –

Based on the award winning Monkey Music classes, which run throughout the UK, and accompanied with the gorgeously vibrant illustrations by Emily Bolam, this book and CD has been uniquely created with the Monkey Music founder, Angie Coates, to spark the magic of Monkey Music in everyone’s homes.

Let’s Sing and Play is a complete musical experience for pre-schoolers, with the CD including 22 sing-along songs that can be enjoyed on their own or alongside the book. There are also tips for getting the most out of each song and encourage movement, dancing, singing and the value of listening carefully, so even if you have never been to Monkey Music classes before you and your child can experience the enjoyment of these songs.

Angie Coates, founder pf Monkey Music, says, “Babies and toddlers love books and music so producing a Monkey Music book with music has always been something that I’ve wanted to do! ”

Verdict –

I really wish this book was available when my little ones were ‘little’! It is fantastic. I remember how sometimes getting to the classes was difficult, either my little one wasn’t too well or we just wanted to spend some time at home. With the help of a book like this I could have brought the Monkey Music to our own home.

The songs and illustrations are just so lovely and I am absolutely certain this book and CD will bring hours of pleasure to you and your little one. The book and CD is recommended for those over 18months of age.

Monkey Music: Let’s Sing and Play will be available to buy from 14th July on Amazon UK and in most major book shops. Published by Macmillan Children’s Books.

Find out more about Monkey Music at the link below –




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