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Colour, Explore & Learn with ‘Where’s Wally’ ! ❤️

July 4, 2016

My boys have extremely active imaginations, they are kids of the modern technological world we live in. A generation for which finding information is so easy that via their tablet computers they can research and find out just about anything.

Every night we have a bedtime story, and when deciding on which book to read that night from the great collection of stories they have available on the bookshelves, without doubt they will ask to have a look at their favourite ‘Where’s Wally’ book.

‘Where’s Wally’ is known in the USA as ‘Where’s Waldo. It is a selection of children’s books put together by English illustrator Martin Handford.

In the books there are a selection of illustrations spread over two pages showing lots and lots of people doing many fun things in different places. The aim is to find Wally in the crowds, the way to spot Wally is by finding his distinctive red and white striped shirt and red and white hat.

My boys, aged 5 and 8, just love looking for Wally. They even try to race each other to see who will spot Wally first! So I was extremely excited to find out the Where’s Wally series has gotten bigger, to now offer Sticker, Colouring and Activity Books.

The Books –

Where’s Wally – The Colouring Book

My younger son absolutely loves colouring. I think he takes after me, as I am one of those adults who colour to relax. I love to watch my five year old intricately choose each colour and spend many minutes over his chosen picture.

This colouring book is beautifully presented. The aim being to bring busy Where’s Wally scenes to life by colouring them in and searching for many things along the way. This colouring book will keep your little ones (and you) busy for many hours!

Where’s Wally – Across Lands Activity Book with 100+ Stickers 

What is it about sticker books that kids just love! In this wonderfully education yet fun activity book Wally is setting off on a hike across ancient lands. Your little ones will have to solve puzzles and play games to find the precious gem. Filled with lots of wacky stickers and so many things to complete my boys loved this book!

Where’s Wally In Outer Space – Activity Book with 100+ Stickers

In this activity book Wally is on an amazing adventure to outer space! Perfect for those little astronauts among us. Searching for the super special star will keep your kids busy for hours.

Verdict –

We are off abroad for the Summer holidays, coming up very soon, and these books will be fantastic on plane, train or car journeys. Or just to keep your little ones busy over the holidays.

Not only are they educational, they keep your little ones guessing and searching without getting bored.

You can buy all three books on Amazon UK or in major book shops now!

In the meantime watch more about the wonderful Where’s Wally Colouring Book at the link below –



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