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Why every lady on the go needs a bag pack!💙 Here’s my favourite…

June 5, 2016

I have always had mixed views on back packs. I’ve never been a fan of great big back packs as they just seem to be more practical than stylish. I’ve always been on the look out for a back pack that is practical, stylish and fits in just enough to cope with the busy schedule of a mother in a city like London.

Sporting my backpack on a trip to the city

The Longchamp Le Pliage range has always appealed to me for its practicality, affordability and pretty colours. The Le Pliage totes in different sizes are great as diaper bags, beach bags or just everyday bags as they are waterproof.

Then I discovered the Le Pliage back pack which at first seemed a little too small. But I went to my local store on New Bond Street and was pleasantly suprised to discover how spacious these bags actually are! I tried on their other styles of backpack to and found the Le Pliage to be the most feminine, affordable and in my opinion most stylish.

I went for the navy blue as it is my favourite colour, sapphire blue reminds ne of the sea and of my all time favourite gemstone. The straps are a chocolate brown which goes very well with the navy blue bag. It is made of a waterproof nylon like material which is matt, not shiny.

I can fit a lot into mine. My large LV wallet, iphone 6, keys, my latest novel to read on the go, or even my Kindle, a small bottle of Evian face spray mist and even a little bottle of water to drink! There is even space left over!

I have looked at other backpacks but find this one to be the most practical and affordable and prettiest so far! 

Get one in the colour that makes you happy, fill it with your essentials & go hands free!

Find out more at the Longchamp website below –


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  1. Love it! You look so good with it! ❤️
    I’m not a backpack fan either but this one is very cool. Very stylish! Love it ❤️

    • Thank you beautiful! I bet the pink or bright blue would look amazing on you with your blonde hair 💖💙 Happy Sunday my lovely xxxxx

      • Awe! Thank you so much my Gorgeous friend. ❤️ Happy Sunday.. Or for you Monday now. Lol. 😘

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