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Travelling with Kids & the joys of learning about different cultures …💙🌍

June 3, 2016

I’m writing to you overlooking the beautiful Bosphorous straits which separate East from West. It’s just gotten dark, and the city is sparkling like a box of jewels. Daytime is just as amazing, the city is non stop, boats, cars, planes, taxis.

As you all know I’m half English and half Turkish, having been brought up with two cultures I count myself as being extremely lucky. What’s not to love, I have two homes in two very different parts of the world.

England and Turkey are very different, the first is more reserved, everything is dealt with in the most efficient and effective way. Turkey is a Mediterranean country, warmer weather with much warmer temperaments, hot blooded people with passions they are not afraid to show.

I love both cultures equally. Both have advantages and disadvantages but I’m an optimist and love to see the world through pink tinted glasses. So only see and write about the positives.

I will bring my children up the same way I was brought up, experiencing both cultures for themselves.

On this trip my younger son and I were in a taxi and as the taxi driver and I were having a discussion about the local politics, my son quietly listened. We got to our destination, I paid and thanked the driver. As he drove off my son turned to me and asked, “Mummy why was that man shouting at you?” Coming from such a quiet life back in England, he thought the drivers Mediterranean way of talking was shouting.

It’s so great for kids to see and experience different cultures. It opens their minds, broadens their horizons to the outside world.

So if you are lucky enough to see new cities with your kids, dine as locals do, travel as locals travel.


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