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Energise with GingerLove & Restful nights with SleepyLove – a natural way to put an end to sleepless nights πŸ’™πŸ˜΄

May 6, 2016

I am lucky enough to say that I don’t suffer from insomnia but there have been a few nights when I just couldn’t get to sleep. Tossing and turning, trying to fall into a deep restful sleep is not always so easy.

I have relatives and friends who suffer from insomnia and the only solution seems to be to reach for the nearest sleeping tablet. No matter how ‘herbal’ the tablet may be it is still a tablet in my eyes. And I have always been one to find alternatives before reaching for any form of medication.

The Product-

GingerLove by Alain Indria is a divine mix of citrus fruits, ginger and herbs. The warm frothy drink is caffeine free! Originally from Belgium it is now available in the UK at Holland & Barrett stores countrywide! 

 You can buy a delicious GingerLove box, with 8 easy sachets to prepare the ginger tea at home. Just add hot water or cold water and enjoy!

In 2006, GingerLove by vegetarian restaurant Lombardia, the variation on traditional ginger tea, received worldwide attention by accident. A journalist from The Wall Street Journal had tasted the beverage while staying in Antwerp and believed that GingerLove deserved an honourable mention in the list of β€œMust do’s in Belgium’. GingerLove suddenly appeared next to names such as Dries van Noten and Rubens, and the ball was rolling.

This ginger tea is an unsweetened, pure blend of ginger, orange and lemon, which makes this all organic ginger hot drink a great caffeine free alternative for coffee or tea. 

Enjoying ginger is the perfect way to start the day freshly and revived. The beautiful foamy layer on top will make you fall in ginger love every time you taste it. 

Verdict –

As you all know from my pictures on Instagram and Facebook my darling parents are here visiting me. So they both agreed to try GingerLove along with me!

As soon as you add hot water to the powder it dissolves to form a luscious thick golden liquid that froths like a golden cappuccino. The taste and smell is similar to that of a soluble vitamin C tablet or fresh orange juice but warm.

Definately yummy and refreshing! 

I tried the ginger one, my parents tried the SleepyLove ‘mango, bach flowers & ginger’ known for it’s sleep inducing properties. 

My father is always one to wake up several times in the night, but after drinking a mug of SleepyLove he said he was fast asleep all night!

Find out more about this yummy, refreshing drink with a purpose on their website below –
Purchase from Holland & Barrett now –


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