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Reuben’s Story… ❤️

April 27, 2016

Today I want to share with you my dear friend Jude’s story. In motherhood, as with everything else in life, it’s not always smooth sailing, life does have it’s ups and downs, and this is one of those inspirational stories.

Over to Jude….

You wait nearly 10 years to have a baby – and he’s as beautiful, happy and healthy as you dreamed. 


Jude & Reuben


And then one day, it all goes horribly wrong and you find yourself in the midst of your nightmare: that your beloved child is seriously ill.

Nearly a year ago, my son started behaving oddly in his drama exhibition. Afterwards he nearly fell over and by the time he got into the car his arm and leg were moving uncontrollably.

 We raced to hospital thinking our little boy – 4 at the time – was having a stroke.

We were taken straight into pediatric A&E services at Northwick Park Hospital. He developed chorea, which is uncontrollable movement most likely due to strep bacteria in his system, which his immune system reacted to incorrectly and instead attacked his brain.

We were told a variety of possible diagnoses over the next week – maybe epilepsy; maybe a stroke; maybe he would need a liver transplant – before they settled on one. So many awful things.

 But we had the most excellent doctors, the most excellent treatment and Reuben was very, very lucky. Within 48 hours, his symptoms started to limit themselves and he started showing great signs of improvement. We had an excellent ‘junior’ doctor called Jay and GOSH who stayed with us and helped to reassure us.

 Reuben has got so much better but after this illness he was like a little old man. It has taken months to overcome the lethargy, mental confusion and exhaustion he has experienced. We have been amazingly supported by the wonderful NHS. His medical care has been free. His school has been incredible. Employers have been supportive and understanding. We are just so lucky.

It’s been a huge drama in our lives and one we are all happy to move away from. It’s been hard to say and horrible to keep saying it. But now it is time to give something back.


Reuben back to his lovely bubbly self ❤️


With Reuben’s very good friend Isabelle we are taking part as two families in the Great Ormond Street Hospital Kids Day and walking 5km.

 Issy has also benefited from the wonderful care GOSH provide when she was younger and has her own tale to tell. These two are great mates and our families want to do something to support the hospital that had provided comfort support and aid to us as families.

 If you have it to spare, can you please support us. Our fund raising page is –…/…/RBCRacefortheKids/RacefortheKids…

Thank you so much. Kia Kaha (stand strong) my friends.

May you be lucky and fortunate.




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