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Auntie Bertie and the Flying Circus Mouse by Esther Loftus Gough – a book review 📚

April 25, 2016

I think that sometimes I enjoy bedtime stories more than my little ones do. 

Beautiful large books with colourful illustrations and a lovely story. Stories that transport my little ones minds to another place another time.

When these stories have meanings and also help mould the minds of children then that is an excellent book.

The Book –

Esther Loftus Gough writes beautifully illustrated books for children with a colour therapy twist. Colour therapy is all about meanings through colours and very interesting.

Esther’s first book ‘Blue in the tooth’ was a big hit with my boys and was a great way for children to learn about dental hygiene and taking care of their teeth in a fun colourful way.

 ‘Auntie Bertie and the Flying Circus Mouse’ is another lovely story with a lot for kids to learn from. 

Auntie Bertie is an old lady with Victorian values and principles. She hates loud noise and noisy children, and when the circus comes to town, she is not at all amused! With her dog, Susan, she sets off to stop the circus. 

Rescue cats Molly and George from next door follow to see what havoc Auntie Bertie may cause. 

Will Auntie Bertie get her own way? She hopes so, but we hope not!

Verdict –

My boys and I enjoyed Auntie Bertie’s little adventure to the circus immensely. They couldn’t wait to see what happened next! They loved the animals in the story!

The mischievous cats Molly and George, Auntie’s cute little dog Susan and other memorable characters make this a fun story with meaning.

Find out more about Esther on her blog –
You can also listen to Auntie Bertie on this site with this code –

Enjoy! Hope there are more great original books to come xxx


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