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Memories of My first time on a plane with a baby…✈️

April 24, 2016

Bonjour from beautiful Paris!

 I am in this amazing city for the weekend.  We flew here with my lovely mother for a ladies weekend away! Having so much fun! My dear husband and darling father are taking care of the boys ❤️ Such a treat to travel kids free. I’m very lucky.

There were some babies on board our plane and it’s never easy travelling with kids. I wanted to share some of my memories with you all. 

I gave birth to both my boys abroad, my parents live abroad and I wanted to be near them for the birth of my kids. Both were painful yet wonderful births. Then we had to wait a few weeks for the passports to be issued and we could return home. So both boys were around 6weeks old when they first boarded a plane.

My boys are 5 and 8 years old now, but I remember as if it were yesterday how I felt, the things that happened on that first experience jetting off with a newborn.

It wasn’t going to be a long flight, 4 hours direct, no transfers. But the excitement, fear of the unknown, over protectiveness of your first born, were all feelings I was experiencing. 

So our bags were all packed, I was breastfeeding so there was no need for bottles or formula. I had nappies, wipes and extra clothes just incase. 

The first sign of trouble was at check in. There were two ladies in the line behind us, and my little one, who was a perfect little angel in the car to the airport decided he had had enough. It was a high pitched, tearing out you lungs kind of scream. One of the ladies said to her friend, quite loudly so everyone could hear, ‘God I hope we aren’t sitting next to them!’ referring to me and precious one. I was so angry. Not one to hide my feelings I turned and gave her a stare. I always find silence is the best response in those situations.

Anyway we checked in and while killing time pushing the buggy around the airport I came across the same ladies, I couldn’t hold it in any longer so I walked up to them, ‘I heard what you said, I hope to God we aren’t sitting next to you two!’ I was happy now.

There will always be one or two meanies who will want to ruin your day, don’t let them. A little tip from my mother, just ask them ‘Were you never a baby then?’ That will keep them quiet.

Anyway we got on the plane, my little newborn and I. Not everyone is mean, and we were lucky enough to be seated near some child friendly passengers. My little one slept most of the way, had a little scream every now and then, but now I have experience I can truly say that babies are the easiest kids to take on a plane, now toddlers, thats a different subject entirely!

Here is my round up of Travel Essentials on board a plane with a baby-

– nappies/wipes – keep lots handy.

– dummies – take extras, planes can be dirty places, if one drops on the floor.

– Change of clothes – for baby & a few tops for yourself incase of accidents

– Snacks – keep little bags of nuts, dried fruits, oat cookies at hand to nibble on. Its inpossible to balance a plane meal tray and a baby on your lap at the same time.

– Blanket- Never rely on the airline for blankets, take your own.

– Milk- if you are breastfeeding this part is easy. But if you have to prepare a bottle I’ve found the airlines to be very helpful in providing warm water. As you may know only 100ml of liquids are allowed through security at airports. If you are carrying on pre boiled water or mixed formula, the security people will llow it through as long as you taste it infront of them.

Don’t stress or worry, it will be fine, enjoy the flight! xxx


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  1. Aydan Cerrahoğlu permalink

    Çok güzel anlatmışsın duygularını….
    Çocuklarım küçükken aynı şeyleri yaşardım
    Hatta restoranlarda en hızlı servisi bize yaparlardı çabuk kalkalım diye😀😀😀

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