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My visit to the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam…❤️

April 17, 2016

Today I have been lucky enough to fulfill one of my dreams, something I have been wanting to do from the age of 8, ever since I first read The Diary of Anne Frank.


For those of you who do not know here is a little synopsis of Anne Frank’s touching and humbling short life –

Anne Frank’s life – Taken from Wikipedia

(12 June 1929 – February or March 1945[3]) 


Annelies Marie Frank was a German-born diarist and writer. She is one of the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust. 

Her diary, The Diary of a Young Girl, which documents her life in hiding during the German occupation of the Netherlands in World War II, is one of the world’s most widely known books and has been the basis for several plays and films.

Born in the city of Frankfurt, Germany, Anne Frank lived most of her life in or near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Born a German national, Frank lost her citizenship in 1941 and thus became stateless. The Frank family moved from Germany to Amsterdam in the early 1930s when the Nazis gained control over Germany. By May 1940, they were trapped in Amsterdam by the German occupation of the Netherlands.

 As persecutions of the Jewish population increased in July 1942, the family went into hiding in some concealed rooms behind a bookcase in the building where Anne’s father worked. 

In August 1944, the group was betrayed and transported to concentration camps. Anne and her sister, Margot, were eventually transferred to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where they died (probably of typhus) in February or March 1945, just weeks before the camp was liberated in April.

My visit –


Words cannot explain the feelings one experiences walking up the narrow steep staircase, entering the small dark rooms, all windows were blackened so people outside could not see there were people living within. 

This small space in the annex of an office building in Amsterdam was once home to 8 human beings for almost 2 years. One of these people in hiding was a girl called Anne Frank, who wrote a diary about her time in hiding.

The building in the middle houses the annex

I was not allowed to take pictures inside the museum but all I can say is that it is a place everyone young and old needs to visit. 

The annex itself is untouched, the furniture has been removed but apart from that even the black and white film star posters Anne pasted on the walls with glue remain. Even actual lines and markings made by her mother showing her and her sister’s growth in height remains. 

Entering the darkened rooms; one made into a kitchen, one a bedroom, one a bathroom, I felt an intense feeling of claustrophobia. I stood there and just tried to envisage how awful it must have been. 2 years in that small dark space. Why? There is no logical answer.


Anne’s bedroom in the darkened annex

Coming out of the museum I looked up at the blue sky. Breathed in the fresh air. We live in a free world now but Anne also thought she lived in a free world until it all tumbled down around her and she had to be caged away from the world to save her life.

I think we all need to visit this museum at some point in our lives. But in the meantime we all need to read the words of Anne Frank in her diary. If only to appreciate what we all have today and insure it stays that way.

Find out more about the museum here. 

Please note that even though the museum is open everyday until late the queues to get in are very long. Please try to buy tickets online well in advance or ask your hotel Concierge to get them for you to avoid waiting.

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