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My love hate relationship with Scooters! 

April 13, 2016

My eldest was about three at the time, our precious little first born was growing up, far too fast for our liking. His little brother had just been born and we wanted to get ‘big brother’ something special. So we asked him what he would like more than anything else in the whole world, his response – a “scooter.”
My husband was totally against scooters, he doesn’t like risks and everything involved with taking risks so you can imagine his dismay at having to buy his precious 3 year old, in his words, an ‘extremely dangerous piece of equipment.’

I do also think they are dangerous, I remember reading in the Evening Standard how, “In 2008 there were just 46 insurance claims for compensation after children were injured while using scooters. 

Last year the number of claims jumped to 309. “More and more children are using scooters to get to school, riding them without helmets, knee and elbow pads,” said the author of the Waikato University report, Trish Wolfaardt.” 

However in some ways a lot of things can be classed as ‘dangerous’ these days, but you can’t just wrap your kids in cotton wool so that they are safe. I’m not saying we should all go out and paraglide off a mountain, but as with everything, it needs to be done in moderation and with care. Also if all his friends have a scooter, how could we deny our little boy one.


So I guess you are wondering if we got our son that longed for scooter? 

The answer is yes, infact he is now on his second larger scooter, both my boys scooter to school, they even have all the accessories- bells, lamps, jazzy wheels! 

So the moral of the story is, if my husband succumbed to his fears, anyone can. As long as your kids are careful, wear protective helmets, scooters can be lots of fun! I know several parents who scoot along with their kids on the school run.

So again everything in moderation! Stay safe! xxx


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