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A Month by the Lake ❤️ a movie review ðŸŽ¬

April 4, 2016

As you all know I am in Antalya at my parents home by the sea. Looking out at the blue waters of the Medittereanean gives me so much peace and happiness it is just wonderful.

I have always been the happiest by the sea. Not only is it wonderful to look out at, it is just so relaxing.

One of my favourite movies in the whole world is set by dark blue waters. Not the Medittereanean sea which I adore, but Lake Como in Italy. Lakes have always mystified and inspired me. Lake Como is a place I have always wished to visit.

The Movie – 


A Month by the Lake is a beautifully set romantic movie set in a Palazzo on the shores of Lake Como in Italy.

It is a romantic comedy starring some amazing actors – Vanessa Redgrave, Edward Fox and Uma Thurman. It is directed by John Irvin and is based on the novel by H.E. Bates.

In 1913, spinster Miss Bentley (Vanessa Redgrave) enjoyed spending her summer holiday in Lake Como, Italy, with her father before World War I. The year is now 1937, and her father has recently died. To clear the air, she returns to Lake Como on her own to spend a month’s summer holiday.

She meets a bachelor named Major Wilshaw (Edward Fox) and becomes interested in him. But a young American girl named Miss Beaumont (Uma Thurman) arrives and flirts with the major.

Verdict – 

I just love, love, love this movie! I think I must have watched it about a hundred million times. And I could watch it a hundred times over again.

There is something about classical movies like this which just makes me want to be transported back to that era. The beautiful dresses, the traditions of eating dinner altogether on tables adorned with lace tablecloths, shiny silver cutlery and magical settings.

Vanessa Redgrave is the epitome of elegance, her tall slender figure and mannerisms just add a indefinable class and quality to the movie. Uma Thurman is extremely young here but an excellent actress. Edward Fox is one of my favourite English actors and fits the role of Major Wilshaw perfectly.

A wonderful movie which will make you want to visit Lake Como and step back in time…



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