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‘Lessons in Love’ 🎬 A nice romantic comedy â¤ï¸

March 28, 2016

I absolutely adore easy going movies, romantic comedies are the best way to take your mind off the realities of life and just sit back, laugh, relax and enjoy life a little. We definately need to do a lot of this these days.


The other day we watched a recent romantic comedy starring Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba.

The movie is about Cambridge Professor – Richard Haig, played by ex 007 himself Pierce Brosnan, who is loved by the ladies. He has an affair with one of his students – Kate, played by Jessica Alba, who falls pregnant. Meanwhile at a bar one day he meets a dark latino beauty, played by Salma Hayek, who turns out to be Kate’s sister. Richard decides to move to Los Angeles to be there as the father to his child, only to discover Kate has found someone much younger to replace him. I won’t give to much more away.

I cannot say it was a bad movie, even though it’s not getting great reviews in the media. It is definitely watchable. But what remained in my mind most more than the plot or acting, was the setting for the movie.

The house they live in in LA is just amazing. A beautiful hispanic villa set in the Hollywood hills with a romantic courtyard filled with palm trees and a swimming pool lit up at night. A totally dream like setting where I think anyone could fall in love. Cambridge where part of the movie is set is also beautifully shot and made me promise myself a visit to the academic city very soon.

All in all an ok movie but rather than spend money to see it at the cinema just wait till it’s on Netflix. If only to see the dreamy house!


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