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If you see a person with kids struggling on public transport, please help ❤️

March 18, 2016

I was lucky enough to go to the city without the little ones the other evening, and travel the train by myself, and look around shops in peace and dine with my husband without the interruption and disruption caused by little ones. 
I appreciate times like these more than any material present I’ve ever received because for me a trip anywhere by myself or with another adult is the epitome of luxury.

I was at a very busy central London station at rush hour, swarms of business people rushing here, there and everywhere. Then in the silence of the rush came a ear piercing scream! A scream I would recognise  anywhere, of an unhappy child. 

I was just approaching the escalators heading down into the tunnels under the station when the scream got loader and I found myself right behind the unhappy child. The mother of two, a baby girl in the buggy, buggy weighed down with shopping and a bag of sand toys, and the screaming second child holding on to the buggy. Mother was extremely calm and in control. I offered to help her down the escalator but she declined.

This brought back memories of when my two were smaller and we went everywhere with the buggy. As every mother or father who has ever done this knows, it is difficult. It requires patience, planning and organisation, almost like a military operation. You are the sergeant major in charge and the kids are your troops that you have to guide through the battle field to the destination – the museum, park or restaurant.


I remember clearly the one time I was heavily pregnant with my second child, with my first in the buggy. We had travelled to a different part of London by train. This station had a very steep and long staircase which you needed to walk down to exit. So I waited eagerly by the stairs hoping that one fellow passenger would offer to help me down. Everyone just looked straight ahead and walked past me as if I was invisible. 

I then saw quite a large strong looking man walking towards us, he had a small carrier bag in his hand. I asked him nicely if he would be kind enough to help me carry the buggy down the stairs? His reply was, ‘Sorry I can’t I’m carrying my bag.’

All I ask is that those travelling on public transport be aware of those around them. If you see a parent in need of help please offer. Believe me it will mean the world to them!



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