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Treat & Prevent Cold Sores ❤️

March 11, 2016

I can only imagine how painful cold sores can be. My mother suffers from them I always remember how much pain they cause her.

The NHS website explains how cold sores are small blisters that develop on the lips or around the mouth. They are caused by the herpes simplex virus and usually clear up without treatment within 7 to 10 days. There won’t be any symptoms when you first become infected with the herpes simplex virus. An outbreak of cold sores may happen some time later. Cold sores often start with a tingling, itching or burning sensation around your mouth. Small fluid-filled sores will then appear, most commonly on the edges of your lower lip.

The Product –

SoreFix is a product which promises to not only treat cold sores but to also prevent new cold sores from developing. It is a lip balm which contains natural oils, rich in Vitamin E to moisturise and hydrate dry lips and it is invisible to use, so also discreet.

Unlike many other cold sore treatments SoreFix does not contain Aciclovirm an antiviral medication which can cause unpleasant side-effects. SoreFix uses zinc salts which are side-effect free, reducing the severity of cold sore symptoms, whilst improving healing at the same time.

SoreFix blocks the cold sore virus from being triggered helping prevention, and stops healthy cells from being infected.

Verdict –

My mother is abroad at the moment, so my very good friend Keran who also suffers from cold sores kindly agree to review SoreFix for all you lovely people.

After using the lip balm for a week she said that it felt like the lip balm was like a very moisturising shield on her lips and that even after eating and drinking her lips still felt extremely moisturised and protected. 

However, she did say that after putting the balm on an existing cold sore just above her lip, it caused the sore to slightly intensify rather than reduce, so maybe more of a preventative treatment than treating existing cold sores.

Overall though, to prevent, she definitely gave the product a thumbs up!

SoreFix is available in a 10ml jar and a 6ml tube. Available at some pharmacies and on Amazon.







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