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Samantha Smythe’s Modern Family Journal by Lucy Cavendish ❤️ a book review ðŸ“š

February 29, 2016

In our lives there will be a few special books. So special that you will buy them, keep them in your bookcase forever, and keep coming back maybe every few months or years to read them again and again.

I have a handful of these books in my bookcase. Obviously turning points in your life affect the books you choose. Having kids was a major turning point in my life, in anyones life. 

So I loved reading books about parenting, not just how to guides, but novels about how other parents coped. Being a mother and father is no easy task, as anyone who has been there knows. But reading about other mother’s stories makes everything easier. 

Knowing you are not alone, not the only one waking up every hour with a colicky baby, breastfeeding etc, etc.

The Book –

Samantha Smythe’s Modern Family Journal by Lucy Cavendish is one of my special books. 


There’s Samantha, her husband, John the Second and their two children, Bennie and Jamie in the Symthe household. And then there’s Samantha’s eldest son Edward from her first marriage. Being a mum is never easy and last summer it all got a whole lot more complicated when Samantha’s ex-husband John the First, turned up at their house.


I loved the book the first time I read it, the second and third time! There will be more times I’m sure of it.

Why you may wonder do I keep rereading it? Well because it is so real, funny and perfect to relate to.

It is very well written. Lucy Cavendish is a journalist with a lot of writing experience afterall. And it is so down to earth and real. It had me laughing out loud and hoping it would never end.

Thankfully it does continue, in the form of two sequels. Lost and Found and then A Storm in a Teacup, all of which were fantastic!

You can buy all three books in major bookshops, and on Amazon. 

Lucy Cavendish please wrote some more xxx

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