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Wibbly Wobbly Toothbrushes for kids! β€οΈ

February 26, 2016

I am all about cleanliness these days. I don’t know whether it’s with Spring approaching I can see more dust in my home with the sunlight enlightening everything. I have always wanted everything to be spotless but with kids it is no easy feat. 

One of the things that I cannot stand is when after brushing their teeth the kids just throw their brushes on the side of the sink, or even worse drop them in the sink itself! The sink where all sorts of germs linger. But kids will be kids. You can put the biggest most colourful cup there to hold the toothbrushes, I bet they will just throw them down and run.

So here it is, an ingenious invention that will ensure your kids toothbrushes never touch germ filled surfaces again!

The Product

Rockabilly Kids produce toothbrushes which stand up by themselves and are fun! Here are the great fun facts –

  • to make the lives of mothers and fathers easier by providing a toothbrush that children want to use.
  • designed on the advice of multiple dentists and hygienists, the company concentrated on creating a soft toothbrush head.
  • will be saving you both time and money!! The pack contains a whole years brushing in a box.
  • do not require a toothbrush holder as they ‘ Stand Up ‘ on their own.

How cool is that!

Rockabilly Kids Toothbrushes are part of the Stand up and Smile Ltd.  A British manufacturer specialising in the creation of innovative children’s products.

The company was founded by Hamish Khayat, a young inventor and serial entrepreneur with an unrivalled passion for creating products that improve parent and children’s lives.


My boys loved them! 

They are the cutest toothbrushes which not only look great but also serve many purposes. When put down, the wibbly wobbly action insures the brush part never ever touches the surface it is on. 

My sons actually tried their very best to get the brush part to stay down but could not. It just bounced back up and wobbled from side to side. Just wibbly wobbly.

My boys are 5 and 8 years old. So although my younger son still has his milk teeth, my older one now has a few of his grown up, life long teeth. I must be honest I always believe that harder bristles on toothbrushes were the best option for brighter cleaner teeth, but I was wrong. Apparently softer bristles are the best option for kids and adults alike, as the harder bristles can cause immense damage to gums.

Rockabilly kids brushes come in a range of great colours and characters to interest both boys and girls. My boys are loving their new brushes! A definite winner in our household!

You can purchase these great toothbrushes in most Boots and Superdrug pharmacies, Ocado and other stores.

Find out more at the link below –


  1. Eren permalink

    Wobble wobble wobbley brush our teeth

  2. What about the humble brush that you reviewed previously? πŸ˜‰

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