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Blue in the Tooth: Teeth hygiene with a colour therapy twist! By Esther Loftus Gough 💙 a book review ğŸ“š

February 15, 2016

Trips to the dentist have got to be one of my most dreaded things ever. I don’t think there are that many people who actually enjoy visiting the dentist.

But when it comes to taking kids to their six monthly appointments as a parent it’s all about showing encouragement and enthusiasm. I really do hope my kids visit the dentist routinely and have good healthy teeth.

I think childrens books are a superb way to engage the little ones in subjects they might otherwise find tedious. Good illustrations and fun tales are always a great way to teach and encourage little minds.

The Book –


Blue in the Tooth is a cleverly illustrated book about looking after your teeth. 

The illustrations are bright and colourful and eye catching. The story is about Johnnie, a little boy, and his teeth – ‘Blue’ a canine lower cutting tooth, it is wedged between Pearl, a molar chomping tooth and Onyx, an incisor tooth for biting and chewing.

The story has an educational angle to help children young and old realise how useful each individual tooth is in the chewing process and how they must be kept clean and healthy to prevent pain and discomfort, and obviously rotting and falling out! 


I enjoyed this book. It is a real eye opener not only for the kids but also us grown ups. 

My boys were mesmerised by how awful the three teeth felt and looked after not being brushed by Johnnie and I think they have been put off eating hard boiled sweets for a while! My 5 year old seemed to brush his teeth extra well after reading this book! 

My 5 year old loved the story

A great book to reinforce the importance of brushing teeth. I think these books would be an asset to any dentist surgery and in schools when dental hygiene is the subject. A lovely educational read which I’m sure will stay with your little ones for a long time.

Blue in the Tooth can be purchased in various places listed below-

  • Book fairs this year -London / Frankfurt/ New York/ Beijing/ Guadalajara
  •  At the link below-

  • In Waterstones / Barnes&Noble
  • Audiobook just out in English & out in other languages soon

Find out more about the author here –

Happy reading & keep looking after those teeth! 

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