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Smooth away wrinkles on your face & body! ❤️ I’m taking the 60 day challenge! 

February 12, 2016

Yes I’m going to say it again. I will be 40 years old this year!

Me at almost 40!

You are probably getting a bit fed up of me repeating myself but I do truly believe that 40 is a major turning point in any ladies life. It is when you change from using face creams for over 30’s to creams suited for over 40’s. It is when losing weight becomes more difficult as the body just does’t bounce back as it used it. It is when you really do have to work hard at looking younger and fight those wrinkles!

So you can imaging my excitement when I was asked to trial a skincare range from the US with the sole aim of fighting wrinkles! Not just facial wrinkles mind you, all over the body creases. Of course I was definitely up for the challenge.

Crepe Erase


Here are a few key facts you need to know about these products-

  • The products target crepey skin from head to toe
  • TruFirmTM complex that leaves skin softer, tighter and smoother looking
  • All five Full-Size products work together to deliver smoother, firmer, younger looking skin on your body and face
  • The Refining Facial Scrub and Restorative Facial Treatment target and improve the look of fine, criss-crossed, crepey wrinkles on your face
  •  The Exfoliating Body Polish, Intensive Body Repair Treatment, and Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion improve and help prevent the look of your dry, sagging crepey-looking skin
  • Emmy winning actress Jane Seymour is the current face of Crepe Erase®

I have always loved Jane Seymour, and admired her for her youthful looks, so if it was good enough for Jane I definitely had to give it a go. Also we always seem to focus on the wrinkles on our faces as this is the place people see the most, but we do also need to look after the skin we live in. 

The upper arm area, knee caps, the decoltage area are all areas which can give away your age.

The Crepe Erase Range

Here is the Crepe Erase range I will be trialing for all you lovelies over the next 60 days –


I’m so excited to try all these goodies!


Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion:

This nourishing body lotion helps to smooth, soften, and firm the look of dry, ageing skin – use daily. Apply onto clean, dry skin by massaging in a gentle circular motion on areas not treated with the Intensive Body Repair Treatment.

Refining Facial Scrub:

Gently polish away dead surface cells to exfoliate and revive the look of wrinkly, dull, ageing skin. This specially formulated facial scrub includes our exclusive TruFirmTM Complex to help visibly renew and nourish the skin, revealing a softer, brighter, younger-looking complexion.

Restorative Facial Treatment:

Treat ageing, dry, delicate skin with this luxurious and ultra-hydrating Restorative Facial Treatment. Helps to diminish the look of crepey fine lines and wrinkles to reveal a brighter, younger-looking complexion.

Exfoliating Body Polish:

Deep cleans and moisturises skin whilst lifting away dull, dead skin cells and impurities to reveal visibly smoother, more radiant and youthful looking skin. Massage using circular motions, rinse with warm water, pat dry and follow with Crepe Erase Intensive Body Repair Treatment.

Intensive Body Repair Treatment:

The “Hero” product of the range has a rich formula that helps to visibly revive and condition the look of ageing skin on the chest, arms and legs. A blend of super- hydrating oils provides instant and all-day moisture to help plump and renew the look of dry, sagging skin. Apply daily onto clean, dry skin. Place a pearl-sized amount onto affected area(s) of the body, massage in a circular upward motion for up to 1 minute or until fully absorbed. For best results, apply after the Crepe Erase® Exfoliating Body Polish.

Advanced Firming Eye Serum:

This luxurious serum helps to combat the effects that ageing, stress, the environment and lack of sleep can have on the delicate skin around your eyes. It helps to visibly smooth, lift, and tighten the look of wrinkled, crepey skin around the delicate eye area while visibly lightening dark, under-eye circles.

In user trials 100% of testers of the two-step regime saw visible results:

· 100% of users saw a reduction in the visible signs of ageing

· 100% experienced instantly healthier-feeling skin

· 100% said their skin felt softer and more supple

· 100% said they felt more confident in revealing their skin

So there it is my lovelies! I have shared all the facts, now it’s time to try it out for myself.

Watch out for my update in 60days! I will hopefully be crease free and look much younger all over ❤️

In the meantime find out more about Crepe Erase below. The Crepe Erase Deluxe system retails at £119.97.


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