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Weekend Boxes – fun activities for kids straight to your door! πŸ–πŸ–Œβœ‚οΈπŸ“š

February 10, 2016

Half term is almost upon us. It was only yesterday we had the Christmas holidays and now the kids will be home for another whole week. I love having the kids home but always find they do get bored easily. Yes we have iPads, train sets, cars, puzzles, colouring books, pens, pencils, the list is endless, but I find that my kids always need something new to draw in their attention and occupy them.

Weekends are the same. After clubs and homework is over we find the kids either watch television or reach for their iPads. I do want to sit down and do fun things with them but it isn’t always easy to prepare when you have a million and one other things to do – cooking, laundry, tidying up. The joys of motherhood!

So I have found for all you lovely parents the perfect pastime. Activities for the little ones delivered straight to your door every week! What a brilliant idea!

The Weekend Box Club – 

My boys were very excited to open their ‘Mini Weekend Box’

The Weekend Box Club is a membership organisation created to provide high quality activities for you & your children to enjoy together.

By providing the parents / carers with the things you need when you need them. The Weekend Box Club allows you to spend quality time getting to know your children and watching them develop key life skills as you spend time together.

The hard part’s done. All you have to do is enjoy being part of the Weekend Box Club.

 Key Facts –

β€’ Weekend Box was founded to deliver inspirational, creative activities to busy families who love to spend time together. All the boxes come with free delivery and fit through the letterbox as well as being addressed to the little ones.

β€’ All Weekend Boxes are themed around topical events (Mother’s Day, Easter are coming up!) or fun, exploratory topics (Countries of the world or insects, for example)

β€’ Activities fit into one of four categories:  Something to Make (arts & crafts) Something to Bake (cooking activities) Something to Explore (sensory exploration activities) and Something Green (things to plant or up-cycle)

β€’ Weekend Box activities are created by child-play experts to stimulate, nurture and encourage development of key life skills.

β€’ Since starting out in April 2013, Andy & the Weekend Box Gang have helped deliver over 250,000 hours of quality time to families across the UK!

New!!! Mini Weekend Boxes –

Every week you will be sent a Mini Weekend Box filled with activities set around a specific topic. Here are a few of the topics boxes will be based on-

  • Famous Artist Box
  • Christmas Box
  • Antartica Box
  • World Flags Box
  • The Rainforest

In each box you’ll find all the materials you need and the instructions for your themed activities; as well as collectible stickers for each of the characters and special awards for completing all the activities.

How much do Mini Weekend Boxes cost?

Just Β£4.95 including FREE delivery!

How frequently can you buy them?

Mini Weekend Boxes arrive fortnightly but you can pause or cancel your boxes at any time – there are no contracts and no commitment, we bill you individually for each box!


My boys tried out the Mini Weekend Box last weekend. It was a godsend as the weather was awful, a trip to the park had just been cancelled because of the rain, the Weekend Box came to the rescue!

The theme this week was The Rainforest. Opening the box was just pure excitement for my boys. All the bits and pieces were beautifully packaged and very easy to sort out and understand.

Unboxing we found two projects –

  • Making a parrot mask
  • Grow a Rainforest

The majority of the things needed to complete the projects come in the box! Even crayons, glue sticks, card board. Even soil was included for one of the projects! Also some very clear instructions with great images.

As you can see my boys loved completing both projects! They are aged 8 and 5 and found both projects very fun!

Making a Parrot mask –

Grow a Rainforest –

As well as the Mini Weekend Box, there is the Bumper Box which offers 4 activities every two weeks for Β£7.50 per box.

A super idea! We need to sit down and do more fun things with our kids! These boxes make this so much easier ❀️

Sign up now & get your first box in time for half term!

🌟Try your 1st Weekend Box free 🌟- use the promo code YASEMIN301 when signing up below –



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