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Why I’m switching to Vintage Crockery ❤️

January 31, 2016

I feel that dining should be an experience, not just main meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner, but everything you place in a cup or plate would be done with the upmost beauty and poise. It should be pleasing to the taste buds and also visually pleasing. Why bother you may ask, life too short, just put it on any old plate and eat it. Well no, in my opinion life too short to not enjoy everything as much as you possibly can.

That is why I am taking a step back in time, to an era when dining was not plastic cartons or paper cups, but plates and cups were beautiful too. Delicate designs on thin dainty bone china.

So this is why I am slowly replacing my current plates, bowls and cups to vintage finds. I don’t want them all to be the same, I want it all to be varied, a variety of delicate beautiful designs to brighten up my dining table and add that extra feel of luxury to my meals.

I find new china to be so heavy, plain and just practical. Whereas vintage crockery is so pretty, delicate and so much more enjoyable to eat from.

Where am I finding my Vintage crockery? In charity shops, antique shops everywhere I go. Some of you may think, oh no I’d never use someone else’s crockery. But I see it in a totally different way. This Vintage crockery has a story, it has made people happy, has celebrated birthdays, and now it is my turn to enjoy them, and then pass them on.


My mother was kind enough to give me some gorgeous delicate plates left to her from her mother, so my grandmothers vintage plates are now with me. I recently bought a set of six extremely delicate dinner plates with a thin rose motif around the edges. And most recently I found two of the most beautiful tea cups at my local charity store.

Drinking my daily tea and coffee has never been so exciting an enjoyable.

A great tip – keep your eyes wide open when in your local charity store or antique market, you never know what glorious treasures you may find. 

Even crockery has a story. In with the old, out with the new! 💖





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