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Blue Sun, Yellow Sky by Jamie Jo Hoang 📚 a book review 💙💛

January 18, 2016

In the news lately there have been some terrible things reported, as we hear of people gone too soon, awful atrocities happening all over the world. These things make us value what we have so much more.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to loose one of your senses? Not to be able to taste, hear, feel, smell or see. What if that one sense you were about to lose was the sense you needed to fulfil your dream, continue your career.


The book I am reviewing today is focused around this very question. What would you do?

The award winning story follows the life of a bright, up and coming 27 year old artist who has only eight weeks left, then she will turn blind. An unimaginable situation to have to deal and cope with. A situation which really makes you appreciate the things you take for granted.

The Book – 

Aubrey Johnson is a 27 year old artist who is hailed as ‘One of the best technical painters of our time,’ by an LA Times critic. But things are not as amazing as they may seem. In less than eight weeks Aubrey will lose her sight, she is going blind.

Aubrey however is in complete denial of her diagnosis. She sets off on a one way trip around the world with her childhood friend Jeff Anderson, but experiences she goes through make her face the fact that she is going to lose her sight.

Verdict –

A lovely, touching story you will want to keep reading. It is an extremely thought provoking read, making you realise the things you take for granted need to be appreciated and valued each and everyday.

The places Aubrey visits are described in such wonderful detail that you feel you are along for the ride. Aubrey is an artist, a painter, and seeing the world through her eyes is extremely insightful. 

I found the visit to Paris especially touching as the city of lights holds many memories for me, as it did for Aubrey.

This book is not like other novels I normally read. It is very real, very mindful and makes you think about the possibilities life can sometimes offer. It is about being brave and having the courage to face what life throws at you.

I look forward to reading more by Jamie Jo Hoang. You can get this lovely book on amazon or in major book shops now.

Happy reading 💙💛







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  1. I take things for granted. I can’t imagine it.. Looks like an inspiring book! Thank you for letting us know about the book!! ❤

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