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🌟🌟Happy New Year! 🌟🌟My resolutions for 2016!

January 1, 2016

Happy New Year my lovely friends! I hope 2016 is filled with health, happiness and success for you all.

For me 2016 is a special year because it is in this year that I will be 40! Quite a milestone in anyones life, and I have many little surprises planned for myself in this important year.

Every year around this time, much like others, I try to set myself some goals for the new year. I would like to share my resolutions for the New Year with you all –

Honey & Lemon to kick start the day 

Every morning I will start the day with a cup of warm water, with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. This is a ritual I have been doing from a young age. Not only does it kick start the day, it refreshes and detoxes you from the inside. You are left with a clean digestive system and amazingly glowing skin. Lately I have been skipping this drink in favour of my yummy cappucino first thing in the morning. But I am promising my body this cleansing ritual every morning in 2016.

Read more non-fiction books

As you all know from my weekly book reviews I absolutely love to read. I always have a book by my bed and in my handbag for those times when I can get lost in a story. But I do read mainly fiction books, I love them to bits, but this year I have decided to focus on non fiction too. Biographies, historical novels, scientific investigations. All essential to learn from and develop with. I have my first at the ready – the historical novel about Kosem Sultan – a very strong lady who was a prominent figure in the Ottoman era. I will review it for you all.

Start jogging

Walking has got to be my second favourite sport after swimming. As it is colder now I haven’t been swimming but I do walk everyday. At least 10,000 steps (as my pedometer tells me). But in the new year I want to try jogging. Just to get my heart beat pumping a little more.

Stay at home more

I love going out. I love trips to the city, to museums, galleries, cafes. But this year I want to stay at home more. Enjoy things I can do in the comfort of my home. More baking, sewing, crocheting, maybe even painting.

What I want in 2016 apart from health & happiness of course…

A Chanel Flap bag please!


That’s it for now lovelies, I hope you all have an extremely prosperous year surrounded by your loved ones…….

Stay tuned for more scrumptious recipes, book reviews, thoughts & views in 2016 πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈπŸ˜˜








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  1. Keran permalink

    Happy new year honey…. Sorry its late but my kids suck up all my free time!
    Jogging???…I’ll stick to the power walks!!!! can’t wait to see you in new year.xxxxxx K

    • Happy New Year my beautiful friend!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ cannot wait to see you soon ❀️😘😘

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