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Should we really bath kids everyday? πŸ›πŸšΏπŸ’™

December 27, 2015

I read a really interesting article online yesterday. It was debating whether or not our kids should have a bath or shower everyday?

Now this is a topic I have pondered over, worried about and always wondered if I was getting right ever since my boys were born.

In the beginning I thought that a nightly bath was the only right thing to do, nearly all of the parenting books recommend daily baths as the best way to start a nightly routine which will in turn lead to a perfect sleep pattern. Well I tried this with my first son, and I was a bit fanatic with the Gina Ford routine. The result? A crazy stop watching first time mother with a son who was purely fed on breast milk but was a big boy so never slept anyway! 

So the moral of my story is to read parenting books but try to mould them to suit your needs. No two children are the same, even brother’s like my two boys are like chalk and cheese. 

As far as nightly baths go, my first son did have nightly baths on a religious basis, but we found he started getting very dry skin on the back of his knees and  elbows. At first we thought it could be psoriasis or eczema but after a visit to a very good dermatologist we found out it could be eczema but that it would pass with age. It has cleared, but reading this article highlighted the fact that too many baths could cause dry skin because over washing removes the natural oils in the skin.

So you may be wondering what I did with my second son? Well we didn’t really have much time to read parenting books once number two came along. Let alone have daily baths. My boys now have a bath every other day. This is not only easier on me as a busy mother if two, it is easier on their skin.

Here is the article I recommend all mother’s read, it is very enlightening indeed.

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