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Top tips for growing Orchids – my favourite flower 💖

December 11, 2015

Flowers are just so beautiful aren’t they? I love all flowers, from the little daisies that grow on my lawn, to a giant bunch of red roses. But Orchids hold a very special place in my heart.

Orchids are beautiful flowers that are elegant, delicate and extremely long lasting if looked after properly.

It’s just little things you have to remember with orchids that will give you very long lasting, beautiful plants to adorn your home year after year.

Here are my tips for ensuring your orchids continue to bloom every year .

Unnecessary Packaging

When you receive orchids as a gift you will find they are bulked up with colourful padding or bows which are not necessary. First remove these carefully and enjoy an orchid for it’s natural beauty.

The pink padding looks pretty but please remove


Orchids can survive on very little water. They are like the ‘camels’ of the flower world. Set one day a week to water your orchids and stick to it. 

My watering day is every Saturday morning, 150ml of water at room temperature is enough. I have several orchids so I bring them into the kitchen, water them all, wait a few minutes for the water to drain through the roots into the pot, then pour away the water. Never let the roots sit in water.


Where you place your orchid is extremely important. The main things to keep in mind is that orchids don’t like direct sun light all day long. The best place would be by a window which gets some morning sunshine, so that the flowers are in the light but not strong rays of sunshine.

Other great tips –

  • When watering, with a damp piece of kitchen paper gently wipe the leaves of the orchid. They can get dusty and always look nicer when shiny.
  • Do not expect the orchid to be continually in bloom. There will be periods of time when the orchid is just a branch, be patient and water as usual. Your orchid will bloom when it is ready to.
  • If you are going away do not worry that your orchid will die. I have been away for several weeks and the orchid has been fine. Simply water the orchid the day before you leave and do not drain the water in the bottom of the pot, this liquid should be sufficient for the time you are away.

Enjoy your beautiful orchid and be patient, they will bloom xxxxx










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