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I’m in thought, hoping for a better world πŸŒ

November 15, 2015

I don’t like discussing religion or politics, be it with my family or friends, and definitely not on my blog with you lovely people.

 I have always believed that your religious and political beliefs are and should be kept private. Not because you might offend or be offended, but simply because they are views and beliefs which you have chosen for your own personal reasons, that no one else really needs to know about or has any right to know about. Thats why we vote in private, why we pray in our own prefered way, if we pray at all.

I am heartbroken by the terrible stories we are hearing in the news today, a few weeks ago it was Ankara, then Beirut, yesterday Paris; every time innocent lives lost, families and loved one devastated.

I do worry about the future of my children and all other children in the world. I worry that they will start to see these atrocities as normality. I hope that never happens.

I saw this amazing quote today in social media by Martin Luther King Junior, and just had to share it with you all.

I hope that everyone in the world can find that little bit if love and light within to drive out any darkness and hate. This is the only way forward in my opinion. ❀️



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  1. Doug Kay permalink

    Well spoken . Saddest thing is the fact that these events slowly become the ” new normal “.
    We have so much gun violence in the US that it is now not if but when .
    We can only hope that there is an awakening that while a individuals religion or beliefs may be different than your own , the ultimate goal or destination is the same ..
    Peace .

    • I completely agree Doug, I so hope people can see through there differences and learn to live as one ❀️

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