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Cooling, firming & refreshing Eye Gel with Hyaluronic Acid to prevent aging 💚

November 11, 2015

I’ve always prefered eye gels to eye creams. The gels always seem to stretch the delicate area around the eyes and you get a feeling that it’s actually removing the fine lines, whereas the creams just moisturise. 

The mimic lines around my eyes are what give my age away the most. I’m lucky enough to have good skin because I do take care of it, but because I smile far too much 😃 my eyes are making me look older. 

Eye gels are a saviour, they not only help you to minimise these fine lines they also refresh your skin to give you that just washed face feeling. I’ve used lots of eye gels before from various brands but just had to try the latest eye gel by one of my favourite companies InstaNatural.


The Product –

InstaNatural’s Youth Express Eye Gel promises to be the ultimate eye & face treatment. Giving you these overall great benefits –

– Reduces the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, dryness and sagging around the eyes. 

– Increases elasticity, firms and plumps the skin around eyes. 

– Provides improved tone and texture around the eyes. 

– Hydrates the delicate eye area to prevent premature aging. 

– Useful for the entire face. Can be applied all over the face for an enhanced glow and a more radiant looking face.

The light gel formula features both natural and organic ingredients. 

– Great for all skin types.

– Plant Stem Cells: Prevents premature aging of the fragile skin surrounding the eyes.

– Matrixyl 3000: Firms and tightens the skin around the eyes.

– Hyaluronic Acid: Deeply moisturizes the skin to reduce skin problems that occur due to age. Hyaluronic acid is also a major component of skin, where it is involved in tissue repair. 

– Contains NO harmful parabens, sulfates or alcohol

– Cruelty-free


I’ve been using the gel for over a week now, after my cleansing routine in the morning and evening. 


It is a light gel which comes in a  0.5 fl oz travel size for great on-the-go application. I love that it’s in a pump action bottle so only the desired amount comes out. As with all InstaNatural products the packaging may seem basic but never judge a book by it’s cover, as its whats inside that counts. 

It is super easily absorbed, one rub and it’s all gone. I not only used it around my eyes but also put some on my forehead area to help stretch out the lines there. It literally stretches the skin amd leaves it tight, firm and glowing! 

Why bother with botox? This is a natural botox in a bottle.


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